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The FSSAI Registration is available for all the food businesses. In case an enterprise wants to get the basic FSSAI Registration the applicants will have to file FSSAI Registration form. The FSSAI launched an online system by the name of Food Licensing and Registration System or the FLRS. Not only will help you in getting your registration certificate but also help you in keeping a track of your application status. Now, almost all the states as well as the Union Territories have shifted to the online method of issuing the license and the registration.

The procedure for getting the FSSAI Registration:

In case you want to get a FSSAI Registration then you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

1.      The size of the enterprise does not matter, even the small ones can get the FSSAI Registration. All they need to do is submit their application with the Registering Authority in order to get themselves registered along with Rs. 100 as fee.

2.      The next step is to file the online Form 10A along with Rs. 100 as fee.

3.      You will then get a unique application reference number.

4.      After you are done with the above mentioned steps, it depends upon the RA to either accept or Reject your application. So whatever reasons the food business operator gives, have to be written down with the period ofseven days from receiving the application.

5.      As soon as the proposal is granted to the business entity, they can start with their business operations.

6.      In case the RA feels the need for it, they may also issue an inspection notice.

7.      It usually takes a period of seven days to issue the inspection notice.

8.      If the inspection is issued, then the entire process will be completed with within a period of 30 days.

9.      When the process completes successfully, the process of registration will move forward. Then the FBO will start their operations.

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