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In the State of Maharashtra, Nagpur is one city which is growing as a hub for the incorporation of businesses or companies. Moreover, the city has already started being flood with the franchises who are operating their business in any of the sectors, be it Computers and Internet, clothing, consultancy, cleaning, construction, Entertainment and Leisure, Education as well as Financial services and a lot of others.

Therefore, if you are planning to start a business venture in Nagpur it could turn out to be highly profitable in long run. But it is also important that you are completely aware of all the legal procedures that are mandatory for registering the private limited company online in India as well as others. The Maharashtra government already has its own platform where you can register your company online in simple and easy steps.    

What is a Company Registration or Incorporation?

The Central Government of India, with the help of Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has laid down certain rules and regulations in the Companies Act of 2013. These rules and regulations helps in the registration of the businesses or companies in India, be in physical or online.

There are a lot of businesses type that are available in India and the owner has his freewill to choose from any type he prefers to register his Company. 

Types of Business Registration

·         Private Limited Company Registration:

In order to register a Private Limited Company in India, it is important that there are at least two shareholders as well as two directors. Along with them it is also mandatory to present the DIN and the Digital Signature Certificate of the applicant.

·         Limited Liability Partnership Registration:

In order to register a Limited Liability Partnership, it is important that two or more partners come together with a goal to make available certain goods or services. The best part about the LLP is that the financial risk of each partner is limited. 

·         One Person Company Registration:

In case you want to enjoy the benefits of the Sole Proprietorship then you should register your business in India as a One Person Company.

·         Nidhi Company Registration:

In case you want to incorporate your business in the non-banking finance sector, then you should register your business in India as a Nidhi Company which has been provided in the Companies Act, 2013.

·         Section 8 Company Registration:

In case you want to register your business in India in either the charitable or non - profit sector, then you are free to register your business as a Section 8 Company.

There are a lot of formalities involved in registering each type of business, along with various advantages and disadvantages that comes along with the type of business. There are a lot of factors involved in deciding the type of the company you want to register your business as like the share capital or the number of partners involved or the number of directors.  

Documents required for Registration

The following documents are required to be submitted in case you want to register your business in India:

1.      All the contact details of all the directors of the Company.

2.      Passport sized photograph of the Directors.

3.      Either the ownership proof of your office premises or the rent agreement along with the NOC.

4.      You also need to submit the latest electricity bill of your office.

5.      The Aadhaar Card copies of all the directors.

6.      The PAN Card copies of all the directors.

7.      Any other document as it may be mentioned.

Benefits of Company Registration / Incorporation

Registering your company online in India serves the following benefits:

1.      It gets easier for you to apply for loans and get funding for your Company.

2.      As an individual your liability gets limited.

3.      It not only helps in enhancing your brand image but also in improving the trust factor.

4.      After getting the business registered it becomes a separate legal entity, helping in recognising the business on its own.

5.      There are a lot of tax benefits that you can avail.

6.      The Government has a lot of schemes to offer but only to those who gets their business registered in India.

7.      It expands the scope to enhance your business.

How can we help you?

Our team at Caadvocatecs.com is inclusive of highly qualified chartered accountant as well as lawyers with more than 10 years of practice. Our team is dedicated to provide you the best legal advice as well as any assistance you are in need of while registering your business in India.

We also provide the budgeted service in case you want to register your startup be it a business or a company or any kind of organisation. Apart from this here is a list of reasons as to why you should go for Caadvocatecs.com:

1.      No physical visit is required in order to kick start your business.

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7.      It is really annoying if you are unable to keep track of your progress. Thus, we keep our clients updated after each process that gets completed.


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